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Johnny crashed



 After years of seclusion somewhere in the hills of Western Maine, Johnny Crashed and the Rednecks are bringing their songs of heartache, redemption, revolution and Jesus - wrapped in a cloud of marijuana haze - to Maine and beyond.

Featuring the original music and hard-strumming of Johnny Crashed on rhythm guitar, Jezebel, Rebekah, and Mother Mary Jane on vocals, Collin Krishna on bass, B2 on guitar/mandolin/percussion, Kale C. on Piano/Organ/Sax, as well as the Openly High Choir.

Together, they bring together and celebrate musical traditions that include country, reggae, punk, bluegrass, gospel, americana, and much more.... Come and spend an evening with Johnny Crashed and the Rednecks, you will find yourself singing, dancing, and celebrating a world full of resisters and rascals, prophets and poets, heretics and hillbillies.  

Somewhere, Maine: The Marijuana Musical

 Performed on 4-20-14 at the Port City Music Hall in Portland Maine.

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The new album is finally here!

Jezebel's Journal
Somewhere ME